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Air Cargo Price Calculation

Shipment Information:


Your Shipment Weight?

The weight of the shipments is calculated based on the weight on the scale and the volumetric weight (deci). In volumetric weight calculations, it is calculated by multiplying the width and height values of your shipment with each other by 5000. (Length * Width * Height) / 5000 = Your Volume Weight


Compare the actual weight of the package with its volumetric weight.

Don't you fully understand!

If you want an online Get Offer or Customer Service contact.

The heavy one

The heavier than two weights is used to calculate the price.

Cargo shipping to Europe by road

Textile products parcel transport price list for countries in the European Union

The standard parcel size and weight should not exceed 60x50x40 and 30 kilograms.

1. Region

75€ / Carton head

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Denmark

2. Region

90€ / Carton head

  • France
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

3. Region

100€ / Carton head

  • England
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Croatia
  • Sweden

4. Region

125€ / Carton head

  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Malta
  • Finland

Cargo Services

What do we offer?


Make sure your document shipment is sent on time and in perfect condition


Make sure that your shipments of different sizes and weights are sent safely in parcels.


Partial transportation for high volume loads such as furniture, machinery export products.

Package Merge

Whatever your orders at the same or at different times from Turkey `Free Package you can combine Birleştirme` using the feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • From this service, only documents, documents, etc. printed documents weighing 0.500 GR (0.5 KG) (35cm x 27.5cm x 2cm) are sent.

    We have Document sending service to more than 220 countries, including remote areas, by Air Cargo.

    Documents include legal, financial or business documents.

    Products with monetary value are not accepted as documents (Checks, stocks, bills, etc. are not accepted.)

  • You can send your personal or commercial products, goods or belongings while sending boxes.

    We have Document sending service to more than 220 countries, including remote areas, by Air Cargo.

    We accept arms up to 50 kilograms without pallets. However, if the parcel weight is over 30 kilograms, an additional fee may be applied. Please affix a "HEAVY" label on boxes over 23 kg.

    Creating the perfect package isn't just about strength and protection. Using the correct package prevents additional costs. As our fees depend on weight and volume information, pallets that take up extra space or prevent stacking may result in additional charges.

  • Furniture, Houseware, Office Furniture, Workplace Supplies etc. You can contact us for your many heavy loads.

    In partial and heavy load transports, the price calculation is calculated based on the cubic meter (m3) volume and weight of the load.

    Attention should Meat !

    Packaging and handling of large, heavy and amorphous objects requires more attention.
    These often cannot be stacked or placed on belt conveyors during transit.
    Therefore, you may need to pay additional fees.
    If your shipment requires special handling, please contact us for assistance.

  • Package Consolidation Service in 3 Steps

    Registration is received you address the special Turkey.

    Get your you claim special member Turkey address.
    Now you have an address in Turkey.
    Shop from the sites and companies you want

    After purchasing the products you want, provide your European Shipping address as your Invoice and Shipping address.

    Let your packages delivered to your address on your behalf in Turkey.
    If you want, we will keep your packages to be combined with other future packages.

    Let's send it to your address.

    Track your packages on
    Let's choose what you want and send it to the address you want.
    After ordering "Send" for your packages on our site, let's send them to the address you want to ship on the same day.
    By Air We will deliver your packages to your door within 1-5 business days according to your address.

    In the name of Avrupa Kargo, your invoices for all your shipments.

    Company Information; Alhan Dış Ticaret ve Pazarlama Ltd. Şti.
    Tax Administration: Fatih / 0521 627 549
    Invoice and Delivery Address ; Akşemsettin Mah. Balipaşa Cad. No:31/A Fatih-İstanbul / Türkiye Poste Code: 34080 – (Your Client Code)


    Packet consolidation service is the same as standard packet shipping.
    You only pay standard shipping rates.
    No additional charges are required. (Registration fee - Collection - Storage, etc. are not charged)

  • Cosmetics (Perfume, Cream etc.)
    Food (Tea, Plant, Nuts, Seeds etc.)
    Battery Powered Devices (Telephone, Computer etc.),
    Branded Imitation Products (Clothing, Accessories etc.)
    Chemical Substances (Flammable, Fluid, Disinfected etc.),
    Weapon (Knife, Merbi, Rifle Etc.),
    Medical Products (Surgical Mask, Medicine etc.)
    Precious Shipment (Diamond, Gold, Silk, Fur etc.)
    Submission of is strictly prohibited, every shipment is controlled by our center.

  • Gönderi ücretini belirleyen 3 faktör

    1 - Shipping type
    The size and weight of the shipment affects the price of the service you receive.
    It is essential that you pack your shipment correctly to avoid damage and delays.

    2 - Shipping location
    Distance and accessibility of destinations affect the price of the service you receive.
    Make sure your post is complete and clearly labeled with the documentation provided.

    3 - Speed
    The price of the service you receive varies depending on when you want your shipment to arrive, the delivery time, and whether you request a special service.

    Basic information for customs clearance

    1 - Check the regulations
    Differences in regulations may cause exports to differ from country to country.
    Be fully informed about licensing, special provisions, restricted and prohibited products in the country of shipment.

    2 - Prepare the documents
    It is very important to prepare the necessary documents in advance to avoid delays in customs.
    Make sure the commercial invoice contains all expected information, as customs officials will classify and process your shipment accordingly.

    3 - Taxes and fees
    International shipments are often subject to import taxes and duties, but that doesn't mean you will be caught off guard.
    Be fully aware of what the recipient will pay as these taxes and fees depend on destination and value of the shipment.

    How to avoid damage and delay?

    1 - The quality of the parcel
    Used parcels lose resistance.
    Make sure your arm is not pierced or damaged, and that it is intact and dry.

    2 - Avoid creating gaps
    Using more filler than necessary reduces stacking resistance.
    Avoid the use of parcels that are too large compared to their content and require filling.
    Otherwise, your arm may be crushed.

    3 - Heavy parcels
    We accept arms up to 50 kilograms without pallets.
    However, if the parcel weight is over 30 kilograms, an additional fee may be applied.
    Please affix a "HEAVY" label on boxes over 23 kg.
    Additional charges may apply for loads over 70 CM.

    4 - Tape in H shape
    Tape the top and bottom of the parcel in an H shape.
    Do not use wire or rope. If your box is heavy, you can tie it up.